Ratings: 7,6 / 10 stars

Scott Rosenberg

release year: 2019

actor: Kevin Hart

Directed by: Jake Kasdan





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The movie would have scored 10 stars with me, but once again entertainment gives way to the lowest common denominator and chooses profanity over a good, clean cut family movie. Disappointing to say the least when your six year old is repeating back everything he’s hearing on screen and you’re embarrassed/horrified and ticked off at Hollywood because he’s repeating back the profanity. We looked forward as FAMILY (with a younger child) to seeing this sequel. We all walked away saying the movie was good, except for all the swearing. It just WASN’T NECESSARY.

Sadly, I must reverse course on this re-boot. I was pleasantly surprised at last one and proudly boasted in my review. now, I must give less credit when it’s due. This version was over-rated and lost the magic previously developed. It could be bringing 2 unnecessary big name actors (DeVito and Glover) I don’t believe they brought anything worthwhile to this sequel. Their parts could have been similarly performed by any other actors and maybe brought the same level of entertainment.
Just so glad that I saw this at a matinee where the previous movie, I saw in 3D which I never do. I applaud bringing back the original characters and ideally they could have brought the similar magic but it was not meant to be.

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