Health & wellbeing

Health and wellbeing looks at what you need to start or regain fitness

and putting in place ‘Long Term Benefits for a Long, and Healthy Life’



Health and Wellbeing looks at what you need to start or regain fitness but, more importantly, putting in place “Long Term Benefits for a Long, and Healthy Life’.

It covers many aspects of getting you ready to train to your potential, including: Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Strength & Conditioning, Stress and Determination.

How you feel and how ready you are for Training determines what you can achieve in a session.

There are many factors that can have an impact:

  • Sleep you should be well rested and have regular sleep patterns
  • Nutrition & Hydration should be timed to maximise your performance
  • Strength & Conditioning will help you gain more from sessions
  • Stress from school/work/life will have an affect on training



Dependant on age, the number of sessions per week needed to be competitive at either Club, County, Regional and National level will vary.

For U13 I would normally recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week depending on how much other sport you take part in and for U17 4 to 5 sessions per week.

For Adults and Veterans because muscles and ligament are fully developed and less flexible, greater care needs to be taken to achieve fitness goals.

Training needs a high level of Strength & Conditioning to maximise benefits, gain power, strength and flexibility. The aim is to remain as injury free as possible.


Strength & Conditioning 

To train to your potential you need to be strong and flexible. Through the athlete’s growth cycles and as the body matures different elements need to be considered.

For Adults and Veterans greater care needs to be taken because muscles and ligament are fully developed and gradually become less flexible as you get older.

Speed, Speed Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Power and Reactive Speed are all areas we need to work on. If you are Strong and Flexible it will minimise injury and improve training performance.

S&C is developing the ability to strengthen the body and stabilise movement.  We can identify areas of weakness and customise your training accordingly.

Part of development will be adapting plans to suit each individual. This will take into account your current level of fitness, any sport that you are doing and your personal goals.


Nutrition & Hydration

Generally there are too many Simple Carbohydrates and Sugars in our diets. If you are an Athlete, serious about sport or general fitness you will probably have already started or want to address this.

Consider how a car runs? You put in Petrol, Oil and Water. If you consider your diet compared to the car:

  • Petrol fuels the car = Complex Carbohydrates, Sugar & Protein
  • Oil lubricates and aids the smooth running = Minerals & Vitamins and Omega 3/Healthy Fats
  • Water to prevent over-heating = Water

If you don’t have the correct balance of Petrol, Oil and Water then the car will run out, stop or develop a serious engine problem.

The faster you drive the more fuel you use. It is the same for the body.

Unlike the Car, we also absorb into our body what we do not use from Carbohydrates, Sugar and Proteins and produce Toxins and waste.

Eating the correct levels of Complex Carbohydrates, Natural Sugars, Protein, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals and Water with less reliance on Simple Carbohydrates and Refined Sugars, will improve your energy levels and help you have a stronger immune system.



Being prepared for training is not just about adequate sleep 1 or 2 nights before a session or competition. It is about a consistent sleep regime over a period of time.  To compete well you do require at least one week of good quality sleep.

Make sure you relax 1 hour before sleep, sleep in a blacked-out room and leave the electronic devices alone, they will affect sleep rhythm.



Stress comes in many forms, from lack of confidence in training and competing to life in general. The school or work environment can play a large part in fatigue and can affect sleep patterns.

Equally, the exercise and fitness that you gain from training will help improve your performance in all areas of life, especially with the release of endorphins (self generated feel good hormones).


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