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Welcome to Sprint Dynamics run by Ken Spencer

We provide first-class coaching: for schools and grass roots, developing sprinters or athletes at all levels and ages and sports people wanting to increase their speed. We also offer athletics holiday camps and advice about rehabilitation & recovery.

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Schools and grass roots

Experience of athletics starts in school and with grass roots sports. We work with numerous schools…

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Developing athletes

We help athletes to fulfil their potential looking at nutrition, sleep and mindset as well as training…

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Fitness and rehabilitation

These sessions help athletes of all ages return to fitness in a controlled and sustainable manner…

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Athletics holiday camps

These sessions are aimed at giving youngsters the opportunity to experience all athletic events…

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About Ken

Ken is a former athlete and highly-qualified coach. With over 15 years experience working with athletes, his holistic approach has delivered results and built a fine reputation.  

Ken prides himself on his passion for sport and his desire to see anyone and everyone achieve their goals no matter their age.

He is England Athletics Level 3 Sprints & Hurdles coach, a Performance & Level 2 Endurance Coach, a Member of England Athletics NCDP (National Coach Development Program) and a winner of England Athletics South East Region Development Coach of the Year.

He is currently working in several primary and secondary schools in both state and independent sectors, as well as being Lead Sprints & Hurdles Coach at Bracknell AC.

Read about Ken’s coaching goals and his athletic achievements below.

Coaching goals for the athlete
  • To be the best they can be – we help athletes to fulfil their potential, allowing for the time constraints of schooling and family life.
  • To be as competitive as they can be – we help athletes to develop the mental temperament and toughness needed to compete and learn race craft.
  • Every athlete is an individual – every athlete is different in build, strength, attitude and motivation. We tailor our approach accordingly.
  • Strengthening weaknesses & building on strengths – the key to an athlete fulfilling their potential is identifying their strengths and weaknesses and working on both. We focus on targeted strength & conditioning, efficiency of movement and speed.

Getting the best out of an athlete and developing them will be determined by:

  • body type and condition (including hydration and nutrition)
  • how much natural speed and speed endurance they possess
  • maximising physical and mental strengths
Ken’s competitive achievements

Ken was a 400m and 800m sprinter with ability at shorter and longer distances. His best performances were:

  • 100m: 11.3 secs
  • 200m: 22.9 secs
  • 400m: 48.8 secs
  • 800m: 1 min 50.4 secs
  • 10 miles: 49 mins 50 secs
  • Half marathon: 67 mins 50 secs
  • Marathon: 2hrs 26mins 46 secs
Bracknell AC Sprint Squad performances

The Bracknell AC Sprint Squad is one of the strongest in the county and becoming stronger in the Southern region and at national level:

  • 2018 Great Britain International at Manheim: Josh Zeller, 110 Hurdles, U20 Men, 2nd
  • 2018 England National Championships: Josh Zeller, 110 Hurdles, U20 Men, 2nd
  • 2018 England National Championships: Matt Buckner, 200m, U20 Men, 21.59 secs, 3rd
  • 2018 South of England Championships: 110 Hurdles, U20 Men, 1st
  • 2018 South of England Championships: 200m, U20 Women, 6th
  • 2018 South of England Championships: Matt Buckner, 200m, U20 Men, 4th
  • 2018 England National Indoor Championships: 60m Hurdles, U20 Men, 2nd
  • 2018 England National Indoor Championships: Hannah Roberts, 800m, U17 Women, 2nd
  • 2018 England National Indoor Championships: Lauren Watkins, 60m Hurdles, U15 Girls, 3rd

The importance of speed

Sporting success is often underpinned by speed

Ken was fortunate to have speed and endurance as an athlete. He developed these by: studying videos, having a terrific coach, working hard, always looking at how he could improve and by competing against international athletes like Steve Ovett.

Ken made adjustments to his running style and posture after observing top athletes like Sebastian Coe, Steve Cram, Don Quarrie, and Alberto Juantorena. All of those athletes had significant speed and another gear when it counted in competitions.

At 10,000m, 5,000m 1,500m and 800m speed will nearly always win out. Think of Sir Mo Farah – at the end of a 10,000m race he was capable of running a 52 sec last lap.

What we offer

Strength & conditioning (S&C)

S&C is for everyone irrespective of age. It strengthens the body and stabilises movement. It also reduces the risk of injury greatly.

To achieve your potential, you need to be strong and flexible. Through the athlete’s growth cycles and as the body matures, different elements need to be worked on.

We can offer strength and conditioning plans to suit the individual – based on your age, your level of fitness, the sport you are training for, or whether your goal is just to get fit.

Rehab & recovery

We can offer plans with the right balance of rest and recovery, both during and after training, to get you back to fitness as quickly as possible.

We will work closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors (and doctors on request) to ensure that we create a fitness/training plan suitable to your individual needs. We'll review and adjust plans frequently to ensure best results.

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions are dedicated to looking at your specific needs and goal setting. They allow us to assess your movements, strengths, weaknesses and abilities in granular detail. This will form the basis of developing a customised training plan that works for you.

We will address elements such as your sprinting posture, agility, reactions and speed of movement. Video analysis may be required and will be used when/if necessary.

*Customised plans require a minimum of two one-to-one sessions. 

Training plans

There are two kinds of training plans available – generic and personal.

Generic plans are existing plans modified to suit the individual’s training background, aims and goals.

Personal plans are entirely bespoke and based on a minimum of two one-to-one assessment sessions.

To ensure you achieve your goal(s) your progress needs to be assessed regularly. This enables us to update Personal plans.

We appreciate that not everyone has time to attend our sessions, but may still have the desire and drive to train elsewhere – Sprint Dynamics can still help.


Health & wellbeing advice

Health & wellbeing advice moves beyond the track. We look at what you need to start or regain fitness and provide advice to help you lead a long and healthy life. Read more here

Physical & learning disabilities

Physical & Learning Disability does not have to hamper any individual’s desire to do well
We aim to take you from basic skills and develop your ability to achieve your potential. If we look at the Para Olympic events we can see how inclusive they have become.  They are a shining example of how many events are possible and truly show what an individual can achieve.

We aim to take you on your personal journey to reach your goals and be an amazing you.

Ken has worked with a variety of people with disability both mental and physical, from amputees to autistic and cerebral palsy.  He works with Berkshire Active and was one of the coaches used by Wokingham Borough Council on their Disability Sports Taster Session (March 2017).

Currently one of his athletes has progressed enough in confidence and ability to train with the Sprint Squad in addition to his regular training.

Please contact Ken to discuss you needs, we believe in inclusion at every level whenever possible.

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